Subsea Equipment

We deliver projects safely and on time

Over the years, we have consistently worked at developing our expertise in fabrication and installation of subsea equipment and marine structures such as Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) module, parking structures, mud mats, inlet manifold, gas lift skids, jackets, decks & platforms, buoys and other support structures for offshore applications.

Our experienced team is focused on your project's success, from start to finish. Our proven ability to identify and overcome design inconsistencies, potential problems with erection, including all uoforseen constraints results in the fabrication of structural steel that is right the first time, helping you avoid costly construction delays.

At present, we have achieved a milestone of succesfully delivering a number of quality subsea equipments safely and within the project timeline and budget. We invite you to visit our project gallery to see our latest storage tank projects. If you have any questions project pricing estimates for an upcoming project, please contact our commercial department.

Featured Subsea Equipment Projects: