Heavy Steel Structures

Superior quality and customer satisfaction

Nivafer is presently positioned as a leader and a one stop manufacturer of heavy & light steel structures for the Oil & Gas and Allied Industries. Prominent in our products are shelters & roof structures for hangars, commercial buildings, industries & Oil & Gas onshore / offshore facilities, pipe-racks and miscellaneous applications.

Nivafer take pride in our reputation for producing heavy steel structures which is consistently superior in quality and fit. Proper project coordination of your structural steel project is a key factor in its ultimate success. This is what gives us the leading edge.

Our experienced team is focused on your project's success, from start to finish. Our proven ability to identify and overcome design inconsistencies, potential problems with erection, including all uoforseen constraints results in the fabrication of structural steel that is right the first time, helping you avoid costly construction delays.

We invite you to visit our project gallery to see our latest structural steel projects. If you have questions about project planning, or project pricing estimates for an upcoming project, please contact our commercial department.

Featured Structural Steel Projects: